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Annie Celotto | Founder & Principal

Annie is the Founder and Principal of Alice Paul Group, but she prefers to be called 'Aunt' by her precious nieces. Annie started Alice Paul Group, because like Alice Paul, Annie believes that principles never change, but tactics must in order to effect change. Unlike Alice Paul, though, Annie does not consider herself a sports enthusiast... well, except for the occasional game of tennis. But like Alice Paul, Annie believes that it takes a concerted effort by a group of people - grassroots - in order to change the world. After over 10 years of campaign organizing, fundraising and developing targeted political messaging, Annie decided to take those skills and lend them to non-profits. And although she takes her work very seriously, she does not take herself very seriously. Like her life-long hero, Saint Mother Teresa, she thinks that simple acts - making someone smile or laugh - make the profoundest impact on an individual's life, which is why she believes in utilizing new media to do just that. Annie would live in her local Eucharistic Adoration chapel if she knew she could get away with it.  Annie believes that there is nothing more important than seeing the dignity in every person and she is humbled that she gets to wake up every day and help the world to see that dignity through the client work that APG does. She is grateful. 

Male Cuellar | Senior Graphic Designer

Male is APG's bilingual Senior Designer and Website Developer. If there are three things to describe Male, it would be: sushi lover, gamer, animation enthusiast. Not necessarily in that order, though "sushi lover" would probably lead the rest. Male has done extensive work to preserve wildlife and animal life, most recently a sea turtle conservation project. Making sure that our furry friends and all of God's creatures are cared for is a passion of hers, which she will tell you about as she takes care of her dog, Napoleon. She believes that creativity can ignite a spark for action in people. And through serving our clients at APG, she loves getting to do just that. And although she has tremendous passion that drives her to change the world through art, it is also that same passion that enables her to see the world through a lighthearted lens, as she is a master in the art of dad jokes. As an avid traveler, Male considers herself a world citizen. And as a world citizen, she feels it's her duty to change the world for good as best she can... she invites you to come join her... but she hopes you like sushi and coffee bars! 


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Katie Franklin | Graphic Designer

Katie is an optimist at heart who passionately wants to see the dignity of every human person honored and protected. She adores being a wife to her husband, Miles, and new mother to her baby, Elizabeth. She is obsessed with all things crochet, loves a good DIY project, and can be found baking bread on a weekly basis. She believes in the power of advocacy, and insists that just one more story, one more example, or one more thought added to a dialogue can change hearts and minds. Through her writing and graphic designs, she strives to add beauty, compassion, reason and heart to that dialogue. She believes that beauty really will save the world as evidenced by her   strong background in creative communications and new media development. Katie has a background in communications, working for various ProLife organizations. When Katie creates a graphic, she sees it from the lens of an activist, and a potential donor alike. This is what makes her stylistic approach, like her genuine personality, so very unique!