Who is Alice Paul?

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We get asked that question all the time. A lot, actually. What many people don’t know about Alice Paul is that she was seen as a tactic “reformer” during her day. She studied abroad in England, and it was while overseas that she realized that the tactics the American suffragists were using were antiquated…and well, they were just too slow. She introduced picketing at the White House, causing President Wilson to quip that her behavior was “uncommon” and “unladylike.”

Also, she organized the famed 1913 suffrage parade in Washington D.C. – a spectacle unequaled in suffrage history. She was a grassroots reformer. We are grassroots reformers. Our beliefs are the same: if you want to advocate, you need to think of new, innovative and creative ways to get your message out.

Here at Alice Paul Group we realize that although principles don’t change, tactics must…